About tournaments/approval of sleeves

  • Are Dragon Shields tournament legal?
    • Yes!┬áDragon Shield sleeves are tournament legal in every major type of event. Always be sure to check with the head judge or tournament organizer to make 100% certain that your specific sleeves are acceptable.
  • What makes sleeves tournament legal?
    • While legality can vary game-by-game, most non-broken, non-marked sleeves are legal for tournament play. Many players choose to play with brand new sleeves purchased at the beginning of each tournament to ensure they have enough to replace one if it breaks and to reduce risk of accidental marking or scratching.
  • Do you need sleeves to play in a tournament?
    • Theoretically speaking, no. What ultimately matters is that your deck be uniform and that no single card stands out from the rest. However, since it is impossible to ensure that all your cards get scuffed and worn in the exact same manner over time, sleeves are essentially required for any kind of competitive play.
      According to Wizards of the Coast, 90% of all Constructed format players use card sleeves. The exact percentage may change based on the format (Limited or Constructed), and the level of competitive play. High-level tournaments usually require sleeves; low level, such as an event at your local game store, may not. Additionally, if your deck happens to have double-sided cards or cards with different card back designs, sleeves are usually required.

About sleeving in general

  • How do you shuffle with sleeves?
    • Any way you like. We recommend staying away from bridge or riffle shuffling, however, as these types of shuffling can be bad for cards in general. Remember, careless or violent shuffling can bend the corners of your sleeves, possibly rendering them unacceptable for tournament use.
  • Why should I sleeve my cards?
    • You’ve invested your hard-earned money into your cards. The best way to keep them safe from damage is to sleeve them up. If you play in tournaments, you may be required to sleeve.
  • What is double sleeving and how do you double sleeve?
    • Double sleeving is when a card in a smaller sleeve, such as a Perfect Fit, is put inside of another, regular-sized sleeve to add extra protection or create an aesthetic effect. First, sleeve your cards upside-down in Dragon Shield Perfect Fit. Then, put these cards inside your favorite Dragon Shield sleeve for ultimate protection. We have a short instruction video on YouTube here.
  • My foil card is bending/warping. Is the sleeve to blame?
    • Foiling can cause a card to bend over time, particularly if left in extreme temperatures. Cards kept at room temperature usually don’t bend or warp. The foil is actually a thin layer of plastic embedded in your card. If the card gets moist or too dry it will expand or contract and the plastic will bend to follow it.
  • Where can I read more about Arcania?
    • Each dragon is a character in an on-going story based in the world of Arcania. Read the lore on dragonshield.com/about. Every dragon shield product has a unique piece of lore, even products featuring the same dragon.

About colors

  • Why are lighter colored sleeves more transparent?
    • All sleeves are made from a relatively thin sheet of polypropylene plastic and as such there is a natural limit to the amount of pigment the material can hold. The thicker the material, the more opaque it becomes. Darker pigments also tend to be easier to concentrate and will reflect light less than brighter pigments.
      If one wishes to increase opacity a simple solution would be to add layers in order to add thickness – and if that layer is darkly tinted, even better. To that end we have designed the Perfect Fit Smoke inner sleeve which helps opacity-challenged sleeves gain the full functionality of covering up a double-sided card.
  • Why do you not make a sleeve in my favorite color?
    • We are constantly adding new colors to the Dragon Shield portfolio so check back regularly!
  • I really think you should do [cool product idea] – I would buy tons out of that! When can I expect it in the shops?
    • Shoot us a message on our contact sheet. If it’s cool enough we might just do it.

Specific Dragon Shield questions

  • Why are Dragon Shields taller than other sleeves?
    • Dragon Shield made their first sleeves in 1999, as possibly the very first company to cater exclusively to the TCG accessory market. Since the sleeves were designed specifically with playability in mind, rather than merely storage or display, a main consideration was protecting the card as it was handled, shuffled and played. As the card settles in the sleeve we wanted to make sure that the card didn’t slide up and expose the top. Thus the form factor of 66,5 x 92,5 mm was settled upon and we have been very happy with it ever since.
  • Why are Dragon Shields tougher than the rest?
    • Dragon Shield sleeves are manufactured with a proprietary technology right here in Denmark that is made to last.
  • Why do some Dragon Shield sleeves have a curl and others don’t?
    • The slight curl present in some Dragon Shield Classic sleeves is due to a slightly different manufacturing process than used for the Matte sleeves and the newer Classic colors like Turquoise, Crimson and Mint, all of which lie flat.
      Rest assured that the curl is in no way harmful to your card, as the plastic will conform to the cardboard, not the other way around.
  • Are Dragon Shield made in China/the US?
    • All Dragon Shield boxed sleeves are produced in Denmark. We are in daily contact with our factory to ensure that our quality remains consistent and so that we can communicate about new product ideas and innovations.
  • I want DS sleeves for my boardgame. Make more sizes please!
    • Dragon Shield has a sister-brand called Board Game Sleeves, that offers sleeves for all major varieties of board games. Read more here on boardgamesleeves.com
  • I have read that you have changed the formula for your sleeves. Is that true, and why?
    • Our formula is constantly evolving to produce a better, stronger, more consistent sleeve. However, we have not retroactively changed the formula for any specific color or version – a Classic Black from today is identical to a Classic Black from 10 years ago.
  • What’s the deal with your Art Sleeves?
    • Dragon Shield Art Sleeves use a new technique that allows printing directly on a Dragon Shield sleeve. Dragon Shield Art sleeves don’t have the typical issues other art sleeves have, such as peeling or whitening.
      While our Art sleeves are printed on existing Classic and Matte textured foil, they are essentially a new category of Dragon Shield sleeves with different shuffling characteristics than either predecessor. Try them out and judge for yourself!
  • I have a problem with my Dragon Shield product. Who can I talk to?
    • We’re sorry to hear that. Contact us here.
  • I’ve been waiting for your announced new product to hit the market, but I can’t find it anywhere. What’s up?
    • Different parts of the world may receive products at different times. Keep in mind that we are not stocked in the American-style “big box” stores, like Walmart or Target. Check with your local shop and ask them to ask their distributor.
  • Do you sell merchandise or cool stuff for the committed fan?
    • The best way to purchase additional merchandise is to come see us at a convention, such as Gen Con or Essen Spiel. We often have extra goodies, including swag and merch, on us.
  • I contacted you just recently but you haven’t answered me yet. Are you ignoring me?
    • Not at all. If you haven’t received an answer yet, our messenger dragons must be napping. As soon as they wake up, we’ll make sure to get back to you.