Red/Black | AT-40410

Nest+ 300

Dragon Shield Nest+ 300 Box offers exclusive, high-end deck protection with a simple design and a strong magnetic seal. The Nest+ 300 box includes a removable dice tray and features durable ‘Dragon Skin’ exterior and velvety soft interior.

A Nest+ 300 Box holds 325+ single sleeved cards or 260+ double sleeved cards. You can also fit Dragon Shield Strongboxes, Four-compartment-box, Deck Shells and Standard Size 100 ct. sleeve boxes inside.

As safe as a dragon’s nest.

  • Extra durable deck box capable of holding 325+ sleeved cards.
  • Perfect for two Sealable double-sleeved Commander decks
  • Great for KeyForge
  • Great for Living Card Games

Spirit of the Nest pt. 4

Sam had never seen the ocean, could hardly imagine that much water in one place. Yet there it was before him, an endless expanse of blue. He did not truly see it, not in the way he used to. Accepting Demeter, Spirit of the Nest, into his body had come with unintended side-effects. His eyes, for one, were burned out, replaced by glowing orbs of ash. Yet he could feel the ocean below him as he flew, driven by Demeter’s indomitable will. A dragon the size of a continent slumbered below. Sam knew that Demeter had emerged from this dragon’s back and now they would return. Back to where Saturion claimed the Nest.

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