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Magic Carpet

The Dragon Shield ‘Magic Carpet’ storage box offers an easy and stylish way to store and transport your cards. It combines elegant design and a strong magnetic seal for premium protection. The exterior can be separated from the storage tray and used as a Playmat, so you always have one handy, when you are transporting your cards.

• Magnetic deck box that separates into a satin lined 667x350mm (261/4“x133/4“) playmat and a deck tray.
• The deck tray fits:

– 7 Standard Dragon Shield 100 sleeve boxes or
– 6 Dragon Shield Deck ShellsTM or
– 555 sleeved cards or
– more than 1001 unsleeved cards!

• Archival safe with no acid or PVC.
• Tough ‘Dragon Skin’ exterior – soft fabric interior.

Saturion Ascendant #23

For a time, Saturion was undone. The God Hand broke him into Dust: that which embodies all things and from which one might draw magic if one knew how to pick out and manipulate the Shimmers of color within.

During that time, Saturion ceased to exist. There were no thoughts of a far-gone jester, no quest for the Dragon Shields. No yearning. No pain.

Later, Saturion would never admit that he’d felt peace in the nothingness. To feel at peace with nothing would be to give up everything. He’d come much too far for that.

He reformed in front of a free-floating wooden door beyond which pulsed an endless vortex of sizzling light and color.

The Wyrm Gate.

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