Nomad ‘Midnight Blue’ | AT-49009

Outdoor Playmat




Play on the go with Nomad – Travel & Outdoor Playmat.

On the bus, the train or even while sitting on the back of a flying dragon, The NOMAD™ keeps your card in the game and on the playmat. The wide elastic band holds the folded NOMAD™ tight and keeps your deck in place during use. Clear, strong and elastic pockets makes sure your cards don’t leave the battlefield unintentionally.

Use NOMAD™ to play outside even in windy conditions and when there’s no game table around.

Need to move on? Quick save! It’s easy to move your game and save it for later – cards and counters will stay on the playmat.

Available in Black, Forest Green and Midnight Blue.

Product Size 365x245x22mm

Vinder Mol, Wanderer King

Vinder Mol sprang to life when vegetation overtook an abandoned statue of the nomad king. No true wanderer could spend eternity trapped in stone robbed of the chance to roam. He called to the life energy of the forest. Endless vines, leaves, branches, insects, and fauna fused together with the king’s soul to take form and fly. Nomads listen for the whistling of the breeze through Vinder Mol’s wings before making camp. If he is close, travelers know they can rest easy. No harm will come to them or theirs on that good night.

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