Light Grey/Black | AT-40407

Nest+ 300

Dragon Shield Nest+ 300 Box offers exclusive, high-end deck protection with a simple design and a strong magnetic seal. The Nest+ 300 box includes a removable dice tray and features durable ‘Dragon Skin’ exterior and velvety soft interior.

A Nest+ 300 Box holds 325+ single sleeved cards or 260+ double sleeved cards. You can also fit Dragon Shield Strongboxes, Four-compartment-box, Deck Shells and Standard Size 100 ct. sleeve boxes inside.

As safe as a dragon’s nest.

  • Extra durable deck box capable of holding 325+ sleeved cards.
  • Perfect for two Sealable double-sleeved Commander decks
  • Great for KeyForge
  • Great for Living Card Games

Spirit of the Nest pt. 1

“Where’d these clouds come from?” Sam asked, running to put his plow away before the rain. When he and Goro began working the fields that morning, the sky was blue as crystal. Now? Chickens struggled to stay in their coops as violent winds thrashed about. An ominous mass of dark clouds rolled in overhead, blotting out the sun and raindrops the size of apricots smacked against the ground. “Don’t know,” Goro said, struggling to close the barn door. “Just get inside!” Sam glanced above as the first bolt of lightning streaked across the sky. There, against the storm clouds, he saw the dragon with wings of fire.

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