Gold | AT-31606

Limited Edition Deck Shell

Dragon Shield Deck Shells offer the same durability and quality of the Dragon Shield line of sleeves, but in deck box form.

  • Easily holds 75 double sleeved cards or 85 single sleeved cards.
  • Deep cut-out for easy access.
  • Safe and snug fitting lid. Generous writing field.
  • Divider included.

The Limited Edition Deck Shells feature incredible artwork from our Dragon Shield sleeve lines and are only available for a short time.

Gygex, Ancient Cypher

Gygex considered his next move. The Barduse pieces, miniature dragons used in a game akin to human chess, stood and snarled up at him. The main difference between the games? Barduse pieces lived.

“Have you considered my offer?” the Shadow Man across from him asked.

This was not the first time he’d come over the centuries. Gygex still couldn’t tell if he was human. “I have,” the dragon said, moving a piece. “I must decline.”

If the Shadow Man had a reaction, he didn’t show it. “What if I win? Will you take human form again? ”

“To what end?”

The shadows flickered, as if in a smile. “Why, domination, of course.


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