‘Gilead’ Astral Dracona | AT-21152

Limited Edition Playmat

Each Limited Edition playmat features: – Black rubber non-skid back with stitched and rounded edges – Stable triangular carrying case – Limited Edition collectible coin.

  • Measures 610x350x2mm (24″x13 3/4″x 3/32″).
  • Coins come in Gold (rare), Silver (uncommon) and Bronze (common) and are perfect for determining order of play.
  • Combine your coin with the notches on your playmat case to easily keep track of your life total. Each coin bears a secret that will reveal more about the world of Arcania — can you figure out the hidden meaning?

The Limited Edition Playmats feature incredible artwork from our Dragon Shield sleeve lines and are only available for a short time.

Gilead the All Mother

Notes to Self Re: the Pagan Cult of Gilead — Entry 22

I cannot sleep. When I do, I dream of floating in an endless pool of black ink so dark that I forget who I am. And then, orbs burst, alight. Blues and yellows and reds; more and more until I am blinded. And somehow, I know; ancient worlds are contained therein. Ancient times. I am lost but then I am cradled and filled with white light. With hope. And then I hear Her whisper a name that isn’t my name, but it rings true. It’s as if She’s speaking to my soul.
The All-Mother. She’s real.
Then She’s gone and with her, the light goes out.
I am going insane.

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