Blue/Black | AT-40209

Nest+ 100

The Dragon Shield’s Nest and Nest+ Deck Boxes offer high-end deck protection with a simple design and strong magnetic seal. Each Nest and Nest+ has a black exterior and classy colored interior fabric. Nest+ Deck Boxes also include a removable dice tray. Piece all 8 product packages together to discover different parts of the story, “Saturion Ascendant,” to discover the origins of the Nest.

As safe as a dragon’s nest.

• Extra durable deck box capable of holding 100+ sleeved cards.
• Interior color is black with different colored exteriors.
• Nest+ comes with removable dice tray.
• Customizable assembly.

Saturion Ascendant #14

Flowers bloomed along the pathway to the Nest. In all his centuries, Saturion never thought he’d see a network of caverns inside of a continent-sized dragon. Yet he followed the path to a clearing and the clearing to a ledge.

On the ledge, the Nest.

Saturion slipped off the Con Nys dragon he rode. He shook as he approached the Nest. Energy seeped into the ground as the Crown of the Cosmos pulsed inside. With it, he’d ascend to godhood.

Flowers on either side of him wilted with each step forward.

A tiny, golden dragon crawled on top of the Nest. It grew until it filled the cavern.

It roared. Saturion’s ears burst.

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