Black/Light Grey | AT-40101

Nest 100

The Dragon Shield’s Nest and Nest+ Deck Boxes offer high-end deck protection with a simple design and strong magnetic seal. Each Nest and Nest+ has a black exterior and classy colored interior fabric. Nest+ Deck Boxes also include a removable dice tray. Piece all 8 product packages together to discover different parts of the story, “Saturion Ascendant,” to discover the origins of the Nest.

As safe as a dragon’s nest.

• Extra durable deck box capable of holding 100+ sleeved cards.
• Exterior color is black with different colored interiors.
• Customizable assembly.

Saturion Ascendant #1

Saturion had traveled to other worlds, slain gods; yet he had not believed the rumors of the sea-roving dragon, Rodinion. Over the centuries, he’d heard tales of such a beast from across Arcania.

Large as a continent, its back a diverse landscape tinged with magic, legend said it slept underneath the Black Ocean. Its movement every few thousand years heralded a cataclysmic shift in the course of history. The Lost People of Rodin lived atop its neck. Saturion hadn’t believed the tales. But now, he knew they were true. Rodinion lived. The Rodins were real. And they had secrets. Secrets of the Nest.

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