Vicar’s Conquest: Chapter Seven

Saturion and Vicar follow Lieutenant Volos to the abandoned artist colony where Volos’s companions were killed. Vicar realizes the colony isn’t as abandoned as it seems as the madness creeps closer.

Vicar’s Conquest: Chapter Six

Saturion and Citrine grow closer but Citrine yearns to atone for her sins. When a mercenary band attacks Vicar’s company, she gets the chance she thought she wanted. Vicar reunites with an old friend.

Vicar’s Conquest: Chapter Five

Saturion and Citrine have joined Vicar’s company on a journey to discover the source of a mysterious madness spreading across the countryside. Saturion convinces Citrine to begin teaching him [...]

Vicar’s Conquest: Chapter Four

Murder in the streets! With General Vicar's help, Saturion and his new friends narrowly escape the Cult of Gaial. But to stay safe, they must join Vicar on his journey to the countryside to [...]

Vicar’s Conquest: Chapter Three

Rejected by the Guild of Court Mages, Saturion begrudgingly joins the Jesters' Society and is assigned to serve as a "morale booster" for a warlord named Vicar. Meanwhile, a mob of murderous [...]

Vicar’s Conquest: Chapter Two

Saturion meets face-to-face with the leader of the Guild of Court Mages, one of the most powerful organizations in all of Arcania, to convince her to accept him into the guild. But she knows a [...]

Vicar’s Conquest: Chapter One

Saturion. His name is enough to bring dragons to their knees. But once, he was a no-name farmer’s son who wanted nothing more than to learn the magic of Dustcraft. This is his story.